Has Augmented Reality changed the way we look at print?

We’ve seen a large increase in the use of Augmented Reality over the past few years to help brands target their customers in a more interactive and engaging way. What I find interesting about this use of technology is how it brings traditional methods of print to life. A recent campaign from Tesco “Big Price Drop” used Blippar’s Image Recognition technology to do exactly this on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The audience was prompted to download the app onto their mobile device, which then launched an animated version of the advert. The enhanced experience provided extra levels of content and interactivity, such as recipe ideas related to the products in each advert and help to find your nearest Tesco store.

This use of technology is becoming increasingly popular amongst a lot of big brands, including BMW, American Express and Disney – to name but a few. As a business who deals with brands across multiple channels, we’re always looking for ways to bring print and technology together in a more engaging and innovative way.

Augmented Reality looks like the next driver in this area and who knows, maybe it’ll keep print around for a lot longer than expected?

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